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Harnesses & Packs

Paintball Harnesses, also know as Paintball Packs allow you to carry extra paint onto the field. They come in a variety of sizes, that can allow a player to carry any where from 1 - 13 pods at a time. Some Packs will also allow you to carry not only paintball pods, but will also have a spot for your paintball tank as well. When choosing a pack for you, consider where you prefer playing on the field. If you like it in the front, you will want a small, and compact pack, like an Empire React 3+6 or a Dye Attack Pack. If you like it in the back, and like to rain paint, you may want something larger, like an 5+8. No matter what your style, or price range, we have a Paintball Pack for you!

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4 + 1 and 6 + 1 Harnesses
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Valken Harness
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