Angel Paintball Sports D/Lite Magno Exhaust Valve Stem Pack

Angel Paintball Sports D/Lite Magno Exhaust Valve Stem Pack

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The all new  D-lite Magno Exhaust Valve stem is a development from the original hardened steel stem with separate nylon cup seal seen in previous Angel models. While  doing the same  job of sealing the  valve chamber between cycles as the previous stem the new D-lite stem has several special properties.

Due to  the nature of the robust polymer used in the  manufacturing,  the valve is much lighter than the hardened steel version and is self lubricating for smoother operation. Performance tests carried out showed  that the increased super stable gas flow over the new shaped D-lite Valve stem, delivered  really tight shot grouping and consistency over the Chrono.

Further tests proved that Angel markers with variation of  less than 5fps per shot gave superior accuracy figures on the range!! Delivering rugged performance  is also the key to Angel's patented magnetic valve stem and leads to an expected increased life expectancy of over 50% and a reduction of components from 3 to 2 means that service replacements should be kept to an absolute minimum.

The new D-Late valve stem will retro fit into all Mango Valve Angels and is advantageously priced compared to the previous hardened steel stem as some of the Angel cost savings in the production have been passed on to you, the customer.

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