Azodin AZ Carbon Spyder Barrel 14 inch - Polish Blue

Azodin AZ Carbon Spyder Barrel 14 inch - Polish Blue

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AZ Carbon couples the light weight and strength of Carbon Fiber with the durabilityof Aluminum to form a composite barrel that is beyond the capabilities of bothmaterials.

The Carbon Fiber wrapped AZ Carbon affords you the light weight advantagesof Carbon Fiber and gives the barrel strength to take on the toughest punishmentof paintball play. The hard-anodized finish of the aluminum core will keep themirror polish so you can have the consistency you crave. The Aluminum core alsolet's you use swabs to clean your barrel without the worries.

Through extensive research and testing, the AZ Carbon utilizes the optimalsize and amount of porting on the barrel to give you tighter grouping of shotswith consistent velocity and minimal sound signature.

The AZ Carbon, Beyond Limitation

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