BT Rip Clip Electronic Loader for Tippmann 98 Custom

BT Rip Clip Electronic Loader for Tippmann 98 Custom

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With the Rip Clip, paintball players can upgrade there Tippmann 98 and experience anincreased rate of fire. The Rip Clip is a motorized loader that is sound activated.It will feed a paintball every time the gun shoots. Easy to install and featuresa Built-In Rip drive which uses patented Halo technology.

  • Features Patented Halo Technology
  • Easy Installation
  • Includes 200 round loader and drive system
  • Force feed Sound-activated with RIP Drive
  • Holds over 200 paintballs
  • 8000-Shot Battery Life
  • No eyes needed
  • Loader is Offset to the Right for Sighting Down the Barrel
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