Base GS-O Paintball Mask Thermal Lens FDE Tan

Base GS-O Paintball Mask Thermal Lens FDE Tan

The Base GS-O Paintball Mask Thermal Lens Tan is the result of BASE Paintball combining 26 years of industry leading experience to build the ultimate integrated paintball mask and goggle system.  The Base GS-0 is the perfect combination of fit, breathability, and protection for a clear vision to victory.

Ballistic Protection
Meets and exceeds all ASTM Paintball safety standards. Designed to divert shell fragmentation of both .68 and .50 caliber paintballs and deny 6mm airsoft projectiles.

Optic Clarity
Quick release wide angle no distortion dual pane thermal lens. Tool free modular moisture wicking soft goggle foam for optimal eye protection.

Functional Fit
Contoured profile for complete coverage. No slip, moisture wicking adjustable goggle strap for comfortable fit. Robust molded visor offers added lens protection and reduces glare in all conditions.

  • Strong and comfortable polymer construction
  • Quick change lens system
  • Dual pane thermal lens
  • Comfortable quick change foam
  • Woven strap with silicone non-slip coating
  • Built-in visor
  • Built-in chin strap
  • Contoured profile
  • Canted mask venting
  • Excellent acoustic ear porting
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