Boost Custom 10.6 Volt 750 mah Lithium Ion Halo Battery Only
Boost Custom 10.6 Volt 750 mah Lithium Ion Halo Battery Only

Boost Custom 10.6 Volt 750 mah Lithium Ion Halo Battery Only




Boost Custom Paintball Products was the first to develop lithium battery packsfor paintball hoppers.The turbo/charge battery pack is 2 times lighter thanstandard 6 AA packs running 105 VCD under a load. So not only is it very light,but the performance is second to none.


  • For use in Halo B with Z Code and Pulse Loaders only. No motor pulley speed wheels.
  • Good for 5 to 6 cases on single charge.
  • 5 Minutes install - loosen front 4 screws on Halo install and connect tostock loader connections.
  • No modifications needed.
  • Weight 4.0 oz still much lighter than the 6 AA's at 6.5 oz
  • Lightweight in most cases at least 1/2 the weight of alkaline and nimh rechargeablebatteries.
  • No memory effect, charge anytime good for 1000 charges.
  • Compared to nimh rechargeable batteries which are good for only 300 charges.
  • The only rechargeable battery in paintball that has over current and overvoltage protection with onboard IC chip set that not only controls the batteries,but it also protects your hopper boards.
  • Super fast charging after the initial or 1st charge of 8 hours the chargingtime is 30 mins to 1 1/2 hours.
  • Lithium batteries maintain a true flat line of rated voltage better thanany battery on the market. This means no 'Drop off in performance'.
  • All Boost battery packs are design to fit in the battery compartments tight,this means if your battery door falls off, the battery stays in.
  • It is still the #1 battery for tournament players and players at all levelsof play.
  • Requires Boost charger. Not included.
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