DYE Ultralite Barrel for Spyder .688 14 Inch- Polish Black

DYE Ultralite Barrel for Spyder .688 14 Inch- Polish Black



The DYE Ultralite barrel is the newest little brother to the Boomstick family. It is made with thesame precision quality that you can expect from DYE as the leader in barrel manufacturing.With its all aluminum construction it is the best barrel of its kind on the market.

The Ultralite is proof that DYE is the ultimate when it comes to barrel performance.Used by some of the top professionals in paintball, the Ultralite has proven itself as a leaderin the tournament circuit and will remain for years to come.Weighing in at less than half theweight of the standard Boomstick, this is the ultimate barrel for the front player who isserious about his speed, or for fans of extremely light top-end markers. The DYEUltralite is honed to the maximum for the best in performance and accuracy.No barrel bag would be complete without this perfect compliment to anymarker. Just ask the infamous Bobby “Rosie” Rose.
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