Dye Assault Paintball Harness 3+4 Black Gray with FREE Pods

Dye Assault Paintball Harness 3+4 Black Gray with FREE Pods

ENDS November 8th

DISCONTINUED - Out of stock - Gone Forever


The Dye Assault 3+4 harness October special, runs now until November 8th. This combo allows you to get 7 FREE Dye Alpha pods with the purchase of the Assault 3+4 paintball harness.

Dye Assault Paintball Harness 3+4 Black Gray has 55MPH Velcro combined with Memory Elastic and Rubber Traction keep the Assault Harness in place. Pods can be swiftly removed from the harness with the use of the Quick Release Handles and Cupped Neoprene Ejector Loops. Depending on the format of competition the Assault Harness provides versatility with secondary pods loops in a 3+4.

The DYE Alpha Pod should be your first choice for hauling paint. 150 Ball capacity. No collar for solid construction. Stylish ergonomic designed exterior for improved grip and function. Locking tab for harness string makes sure your added pods stay locked and loaded. Durable Polypropylene composition.
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