Dye I3 Pro AirSoft Thermal Goggle Black

Dye I3 Pro AirSoft Thermal Goggle Black

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Dye i3 pro airsoft pro goggle provides unsurpassed performance, functionality, and superior eye protection in the harshest and most critical situations. Featuring an ultra strong dual pane thermal lens, it will keep your goggle fog free wile providing certified optical clarity. The dye i3 airsoft pro goggle is considered to be the most durable performance goggle on the market.


Tiger Teeth buckles allow you to adjust your invision woven rubber strap for a custom fit. Tiger teeth are designed to bite down and secure the strap during rigorous combat.


The anatomically designed i3 airsoft pro goggle offers the best comfort for all facial contours. Dye's proprietary dual stage foam combines open and closed cell foam technology. Dual stage foam is specifically designed to "sheet" sweat and moisture away from your face, providing a boundary between your eyes and perspiration.


The pro i3 features an industry first compound radius lens with thermal technology. Dye thermal lenses provide the benchmark for anti-fog performance.


The i3 airsoft pro offers more peripheral vision then most goggles system on the market today. Movement is easier to recognize, providing a distinct tactical advantage. This is combined with our optically correct toroidal impact lens that protects your eyes. This is coupled with hardcoat, a coating the protects both sides of the lens against scratches and minor abrasions, and the uv coating offers exceptional reduction the sun's harmful rays.

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