Dye / Proto Rize Paintball Marker Rookie Package Red Dust
Dye / Proto Rize Paintball Marker Rookie Package Red Dust

Dye / Proto Rize Paintball Marker Rookie Package Red Dust

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The Proto Rize Paintball Marker package is a great way to get started. Save some money with the Proto package and it will keep you competitive on the field for years to come.

Package contents:
  • Proto Rize Paintball Marker Red Dust
  • 47 ci 3000 psi Nitrogen tank
  • Proto Primo Paintball Loader 
Proto Rize Paintball Marker

Evolving from a long line of successful Proto Paintball markers the Proto Rize Red is packed with updated features. Created to perform but built with your budget in mind this high-powered, entry-level marker provides you with tournament level firepower for a fraction of the cost. The Rize has an anti-chop break beam eye system synchronized by its LED circuit board with four tournament firing modes and adjustable rate of fire. The new Fuze bolt kit boasts 15% lower operating pressure, giving you better airflow and a more reliable function, operating at a low 140psi. The proven Hyper 3 regulator has been simplified for easier assembly and maintenance and the new solenoid has improved hose barbs and seat to give the Rize better air efficiency, with a 25% lower dwell setting. Macro line has replaced the steel braided hose, so you can now use standard macro line and fittings.

The Rize also includes a True Bore Proto one-piece barrel, giving the Rize the accuracy of a high-end marker, and a clamping feed neck, to keep your loader locked in place during aggressive moves. Comfort is not sacrificed for performance with the Rize: The UL 45 frame, dual density sticky grips, no slip regulator sleeve, adjustable aluminum trigger, and a low profile balanced design lets you naturally control and aim the Rize all day in comfort. With a screw together bolt design, self-cleaning M2 series eye pipe, and color-coded o-rings, cleaning and maintenance is quick and simple. Truly, the Proto Rize was created and designed for top-level performance at a reasonable price.

  • New Rize Pneumatic solenoid
  • New Fuzion bolt system with metal back cap
  • DM wired eye system
  • Patented self cleaning M2 eye pipe system
  • Durable light weight contoured Ultralite 45 frame
  • Operating pressure Low 140-150
  • Adjustable clamping feedneck
  • Quick release marcoline hose
  • Fully adjustable Ultralite trigger
  • LED Program with four tournament modes and rate of fire
  • Increased flow Hyper3 in-line air regulator
  • One piece  11" micro honed barrel
  • Marker comes with pars kit, DYE slick lube, barrel sock, tools, and 9-volt.

Proto Primo Paintball Loader 

The Proto Primo Loader does not require any batteries in order to feed paint. The unique spacer just above the feed neck pushes paintballs to the front and back so you are essentially feeding paintballs twice as fast. Innovative Positive Feed Shelf provides a minimal friction, gravity feed solution allowing you to achieve high rates of fire while drastically reducing paint jams. 200 Round capacity, enlarged clear spring lid for easy loading and quick paint level checks.

47 ci 3000 psi Nitrogen tank

On most markers you can expect to get 400 - 600 shots from a full fill. Features dual safety disks for tank and regulator output pressure. This will accept Pure Energy replacement parts.


  • Light, compact and will give you 400 - 600 shots with a full fill.
  • Output pressure is preset to 800 - 900 psi.
  • Consistent Flow Technology piston. 
  • Dual safety rupture plugs for both bottle and downstream safety.
  • Mechanical 6000 psi gauge.
  • Certified fill nipple.
  • Dual locking set screws.
  • 5 year hydro test date bottle.
  • D.O.T. approved.
  • TC approved (Canada)
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