Dye Rhino Peanut Tank Cover 2007 70 ci Yellow

Dye Rhino Peanut Tank Cover 2007 70 ci Yellow




Help protect your tank from those unwanted scrapes and dings. The Rhino Cover’srear polyurethane patch provides a better grip to your shoulder for a steadierfeel. Aside from your elbow or knee, your tank is usually the one thing thathits the ground the hardest. 4500 pounds of pressure is a serious thing. Taking care of your tank is just as important. The rhino cover is a virtual barrier for your tank to help prevent scrapes and scuffs that could end up terminating the life of your high pressure air system. The wrap around direct injects and the injection molded scale section of the grip practically glue the tank toyour shoulder. Another item where style meets function, direct inject logos ensure long lasting good looks. Because the bottom usually takes the most abuse,we’ve included high-density nylon coated padding with rubber abrasion printto help soften the blows. For 07 Dye has incorporated more padding and morerubber abrasion pads than in previous models

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