Coming on July 5, 2019 the Planet Eclipse MG100 is the newest Magazine Fed paintball gun for the summer. Many of our customers have been waiting for this since the announcement a few months ago since Eclipse makes some of the top paintball markers in the business. You can now Pre-Order the MG100 from Eclipse right here on Click this link to be one of the first ones to receive your MG100. The Planet Eclipse MG100 EMEK Mag Fed paintball marker is the first magazine fed paintball gun with the legendary Gamma Core bolt. The MG100 is based of the EMEK platform so there are no batteries needed, all mechanical! Mag Fed paintball games are a format where every shot counts. Every single one. There is no room for error. No room for flaws in your game. And definitely no room for flaws in your equipment. You pull the trigger, you need it to launch a round down-range. Every. Single. Time. With decades of experience in manufacturing the most technologically advanced, the most heavily researched, and the most extensively tested markers in the world, Eclipse paintball decided to apply their skills to the MagFed world. The result? The MG100 paintball marker. Powered by the outstanding Gamma Core, the MG100 offers previously unseen levels of performance and reliability to the MagFed game. From blistering desert heat to frozen wastelands and tropical jungles, there isn’t a more durable, refined or efficient drive train in paintball.

And for the more creative MagFed player, the MG100’s adaptable built-in EMC rail kit opens up a whole world of accessorizing. From lightweight CQB, to sniper or full-blown heavy gunner configurations, the MG100 can become anything, for any player. Whatever your game. Whatever your style. The Planet Eclipse MG100 marker has you covered.

Switch from Mag Fed to hopper with the included PAL compatible feed neck included. Use the Eclipse PAL loader or any regular paintball hopper of your choice.

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