Empire 2013 Grind Pro Paintball Chest Protector THT

Empire 2013 Grind Pro Paintball Chest Protector THT



Fields get smaller and rates of fire go up but paintballs still fly at 300 feet per second! Sliding, diving, crawling and shooting each other to pieces all mean one thing— protection and padding is a must in modern paintball. Empire has the padded protection equipped with cool comfort every player needs in the Empire Grind TW chest protector. Unlike any other paintball chest protector, the Empire Grind TW chest protector is a fully padded paintball undershirt that keeps you cool with moisture-wicking properties. Stay safe from those painful impacts with plenty of chest, shoulder, and upper arm padding while staying cool, especially under a high-performance Empire Paintball jersey!
  • Lightweight and comfortable padded protection that doesn’t restrict movement..
  • Moisture-wicking materials keep you cool—wear with an Empire jersey for maximum effect!
  • Perfect for hardcore paintball players and ideal for refs, because a zebra with his butt against the net is just a spectator!
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