Empire BT Paintball Thigh Rig 2 Pod Pouch - ETACS

Empire BT Paintball Thigh Rig 2 Pod Pouch - ETACS




No matter how many pods a player might carry onto the field, there will always be intense situations where no amount of ammunition is enough. To carry more ammunition to the fight without further weighing down a vest or harness, the Empire Battle Tested Assault Thigh Rig is ready for action! Attaching to the thigh with adjustable leg straps and adjustable buckles to attach to a duty belt or vest, the Empire Battle Tested Thigh Rig allows the wearer to carry 2 extra 140 round pods to complete the mission!


  • Holds up to 2 extra 140 round pods.
  • Adjustable leg straps.
  • Adjustable buckles that strap to the belt and legs for increased stability.
  • Fastex quick-release clip.
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