Empire E-Flex Thermal Paintball Mask Black
Empire E-Flex Thermal Paintball Mask Black

Empire E-Flex Thermal Paintball Mask Black



The Empire E-Flex paintball mask combines the features from two of the best paintball goggles available. The E-Flex features the rapid lens system from the Empire E-Vent mask with the comfort and interchangability from the JT ProFlex mask.
  • Empire Vents System for rapid lens exchange
  • Thermal dual pane clear lens with Zero optical distortion
  • Ultra soft and flexible face shirt creates bounces and offers maximum breathability
  • New comfortable E-Flex thermo foam ear pieces
  • Extremely comforatble hypo allergenic face foam
  • Pro style Empire strap with silicone bead to keep the strap in place
  • Microfiber protective goggle bag included
Solid Mask, but......
I've been using this mask for over a year and hear are my Pros and Cons. Pros: - Breathes extremely well - Never feel like I can't enough air or that I'm blowing back into the mask. - Very Comfortable around eyes, ears etc. - Never fogs up, even in bad humidity or very cold. - Comes apart very easy for cleaning and easy to put back together. - Can hear very well in the mask. Cons: - Doesn't project your voice very well. I've had times I'm yelling in the mask and after I get off the field my team mates say they never heard me. - Has a big nose. While this leads to comfort, I have times I feel like I can't see around the nose. Like there is a blind spot in front of my face.
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Reviewed by:  from Glendale Heights. on 10/27/2017
Great mask for any level player
Great mask for anyone. In my 18+ years of play this is one of my favorite. A solid update to the JT ProFlex or Flex7. The visibility and field of view is greatly improved over previous "flex" versions and is only beat by very high end masks such as the EVS which retail for almost double $$. This mask is very breathable, comfortable and never has fogging issues. I have played in snow, rain, desert heat, and high humid areas all over the country with no issues. In rainy conditions, like any mask, add a visor or something to cover the top vents to prevent rain from falling inside the lens. Be sure to get clear and smoke lenses at a minimum. Also a good idea to keep an extra set of lockout tabs and circle clips in case you lose one while cleaning or changing lenses. As for voice projection, I don't have any more or less issues than other masks (Vios, I4s, Grills). Would definitely recommend these as a strong contender for anyone looking for a mask.
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Reviewed by:  from El Paso, TX. on 12/9/2017
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