Empire Evil 2000 Paintballs Metallic Lime shell Yellow fill

Empire Evil 2000 Paintballs Metallic Lime shell Yellow fill

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This is on of the best known and most feared paintballs. Evil has pioneered true tournament grade paint. These perfect spheres are built to withstand humidity and other elements that can take their toll on paintball performance. Evil is the paint of choice for some of the world's finest teams.

Our new and proprietary Oil-Free Ecofill formula line of paintballs contains the first and most environmentally friendly patent-alternative fill. It is based on a natural, food-based vegetal ingredient that, unlike oil is friendly to the phreatic and soil water zones, the soil itself, as well as the field, playing equipment and gear. This ingredient take easy-clean no-staining to a new level. It is renewable, neutral with respect to the "greenhouse effect", neither toxic nor polluting, and biodegrades faster and completely.

  • TG - Tournament Grade
  • .68 caliber
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