Empire Vanquish Paintball Gun w/ 1.5 Upgrade Wolf Grey

Empire Vanquish Paintball Gun w/ 1.5 Upgrade Wolf Grey



The Empire Vanquish 1.5 Paintball Gun is the newest release in the high end paintball marker category. Featuring a Precision Pressure Sensor for on screen pressure readout so no gauge is needed. Yes you read that right, your gun pressure will be displayed on the OLED screen located in the front grip.
More awesome features include: Push button bolt removal, Carbon Fiber barrel kit with five inserts, Pressure balanced spool valve design, Lubrication monitoring sytem, and much more
Hardware Features:
  • New 1.5 Ball Detents
  • New 1.5 Bolt Rod
  • New 1.5 Bolt Tip
  • New 1.5 Soft Shot Bolt Included
  • Pressure Balanced Spool Valve Firing Engine
  • Precision Pressure Sensor for On-screen Pressure Readout – No External Gauge Needed
  • OLED Display with Super Bright 2000:1 Contract Ratio
  • Push Button Bolt Removal with Hinged Frame for ultra quick maintenance
Delrin Ball Detent system: Some Vanquish users were tearing the original style of Ball Detents. This issue was caused by the Bolt being stored in the forward position long enough to bend and warp the Ball Detents. To eliminate this issue, we designed the new Ball Detents to recess into a cavity in the Body as opposed folding over inside the Breech. The decision was made to use Delrin as the Detent material because it is a self lubricating resin that has high stiffness, low friction and excellent dimensional stability. This new design functions well with all sizes of paint and performs 10 times the amount of cycles before any wear is noticeable. 

Bolt Rod: After some extended life testing, we noticed wear on the Bolt Rod after an extreme amount of shots. This wear was caused from the spring not seating consistently on the tip of the Bolt Rod. To eliminate this issue, we changed the design at the top of the Rod and the shape of the Bolt Sping so that it seats consistently. 

Bolt Tip: We also made a slight change to the shape of the Bolt Tip. Some people who shoot paint with very small diameters noticed the ball rolling back in the breach, which allowed the next paintball to begin to enter the breech. This updated Bolt Tip now has little nubs / pads around its front surface that prevents a ball from rolling backwards. The updat holds all sized paintballs perfectly, so it is extremely gentle on paint.

Soft-Shot Bolt: You will notice that your Vanquish comes with 2 different Bolts. One Bolt is installed on your marker and the other was shipped as a separate component. The red anodized Bolt (not installed in the marker) is called the Soft-Shot Bolt. This Bolt is designed so that while in the firing cycle, the air is restricted from venting, so that when the Bolt returns, it hits an air cushion. This creates a softer shot, but at the expense of a lower cycling speed and fewer balls-per-second (approx.13.5 bps). Please note that due to the restrictions of most tournaments, playing with this lower cycle rate is not a concern and some players prefer the softer feeling shot. To insure complete satisfaction with the Vanquish in any playing condition, we offer you both Bolts.

Software Features:
  • Slick Assistant –Lubricant Monitoring System alerts you when you need to lube your paintball marker
  • Customizable Ramping and Full-Auto Modes to max out your paintball markers performance
  • Interrupt Based Firmware gives an ultra responsive feel when firing. Virtually no lag time between trigger pull and response time
  • User Adjustable Anti-Bolt Stick settings makes first shot drop off a thing of the past
  • PC Enabled out of the box with no special accessories needed. Update firmware, change settings, and make custom boot screens with the included PC software
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