First Strike Hero 2.0 48 ci 4500 psi HPA Carbon Fiber Air Tank

First Strike Hero 2.0 48 ci 4500 psi HPA Carbon Fiber Air Tank

The First Strike Hero 2.0 Carbon Fiber Air tank is the most compact paintball tank and it just got better. The First Strike Hero 2.0 Air Systems provide the ideal combination of light weight carbon fiber, small profile and adjustable regulator that will let you stay in the game longer. The rotational regulator will allow you to line up the gauge and fill nipple how you want when mounted to your marker. The tanks are made from very light weight carbon fiber and are amazing how much lighter they feel.

These tanks have a born date of 07/2018 so they will need to be hydro tested on 07/2023.

  • Super Light Carbon Fiber Bottle
  • Industry First Tool-less 360 Degree Fully Rotational Regulator
  • Nickel Plated Brass Hero 2.0 Regulator
  • Tri-Label UN ISO Certification–Universal Acceptance
  • Lifetime use bottle (still required 5 year re-hydro)
  • 30% Lighter
  • Durable Gel Coat
  • Fully Adjustable Output Pressure (300psi-1200psi with spring pack purchase)
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