If you are looking for a Planet Eclipse Gtek 160R paintball marker you have to check out the GI Sportz Stealth markers. The GI Sportz Stealth was built by Planet Eclipse as a Gtek 160R with all the upgrades you would want. The  GI Sportz Stealth is an Eclipse 160R paintball gun with an upgraded low rise feed neck, a three piece barrel kit, POPS asa, blade trigger, and an Exalt gun bag. The GI Sportz Stealth paintball marker has the upgrades that most people add on to their Eclipse Gtek 160R but they are already installed.

The new low-profile feed neck on the GI Sportz Stealth with self-locking sprocket thumb wheel is a huge improvement. It features a reduced profile height, self-locking sprocket thumb wheel, clamping Lever, and is made from 6061-T6 Aluminum.

The Empire three piece barrel kit is a must have upgrade for the GI Sportz Stealth and it is included. Three different bore sizes and the one front piece allow you to customize the barrel to the size of the paintball you are using. Yes not all paintballs are exactly .68 caliber so this will let you choose the size you need for that paintball. The overall length is 14 inches for the barrel.

The Gtek 160R POPS (Push On Purge System) Kit is so simple to use. This will make gassing and degassing your marker faster and easier. With a new streamlined 3D machined body and bonnet the New 160R POPS assembly is designed to complement the 160R both ergonomically and aesthetically.

The GI Sports Stealth features the new Eclipse blade trigger. This blade trigger has a low profile ergonomic design that players love. It is made out of durable 6061-T6 Aluminum and allows for comfortable finger placement and fast shooting.

One of the coolest features for the GI Sports Stealth 160R is the gun case. This comes with the Exalt Carbon Series Marker Case included! This is the best marker protection solution in the paintball industry. Rigid protective outer shell stops dings, dents and scratches on your marker and accessories, while integrated flex-zone allows you to retrieve the case contents without completely unzipping the case. Ample storage pockets and zippered compartments for keeping tools and parts, and full length barrel sleeves protect your barrels or inserts. Modular, reversible insert allows you to customize your case to your needs!

The GI Sportz Stealth 160R takes the GTEK and pushes into the realms of a true high-end. It boasts all-metal billet-machined construction, on-board OLED graphical user interface, hose-less construction utilizing the proven AT Pipe system from the LV1.1 and the Geo3.5, stretched-out stance for an ultra-stable shooting platform with wraparound rubber fore and aft grips for comfort and control. It's everything you need to be competitive at any level, in any format, anywhere on the planet.

The beating heart of the Stealth 160R is the Gamma Core. A revolutionary new spool valve design using Breech Sensing Technology and a unique pneumatically latching spool to accurately control the exact amount of air released for each shot completely independently of the solenoid and the dwell time. This makes it highly efficient without the need for any electronic adjustment or tuning as well as making it supremely reliable in playing conditions ranging from -20f to +100f.The Gamma Core can operate effortlessly between temperatures of -20ºF and +100ºF making it one of, if not the most efficient and reliable spool vale drive train on the marker. In order to be able to shoot the most fragile paint possible, the Gamma Core employs a very finely controlled 3-stage bolt acceleration profile to gently pick up the ball and push it into the barrel. The gas release for the firing pulse is also carefully tailored to maintain low peak pressure behind the ball which gives the Stealth GTEK 160R its distinctively quiet shot and smooth feel.

Proven in battles at the very highest level in every format going, the AT Pipe allows Air Transfer from the ASA on the bottom of the frame into the foregrip-mounted SL4 Inline Regulator without the need for hoses or fittings. Tried-and-tested AT-Pipe (air transfer) system as seen on the high end Geo and Lv1. The AT Pipe can be quickly and easily removed without the need of tools to allow access to the Inline Regulator or to remove the frame. Utilized on both the Ego LV1 and the Geo3.5 the AT Pipe has proven itself time and again to be a robust and reliable alternative to hose and conventional hose-less systems. The GTEK 160R uses a new all-metal AT OOPS assembly and a new AT POPS is available as an aftermarket upgrade.

The Stealth GTEK 160R is constructed from 100% billet machined aircraft-grade anodized aluminum. With a metal feed tube and frame almost all flex has been removed from the GTEK. The stretched pitch of the fore grip and frame make it a super stable platform that feels incredibly natural in the hands with plenty of room between the fore grip and trigger guard. All metal billet-machined aircraft-grade 6061-T6 aluminum construction provides a high quality and lightweight finish. The Gamma Core ensures that the Stealth GTEK 160R exhibits virtually no recoil or barrel rise during firing giving it a true high-end feel. This has been achieved whilst still maintaining a lightweight form that comes in at a mere 2.05lb (934g) including the Driver XX barrel and 9V battery.

High resolution OLED graphical user interface is standard with the Stealth GTEK 160R. Being able to monitor marker performance or make adjustments to settings or firing modes on the fly shouldn't be a chore and it should never detract from your game. As such the Stealth GTEK 160R puts the graphical user interface right where it should be, on the back of the marker, just a glance away from your line of sight in any in-game situation. The black and white OLED packs a punch in terms of detail and information available with everything from Breech Sensor condition, firing mode, shot counter, rate of fire indicator and battery level available in an easy to digest format. The OLED also comes alive when called upon to adjust the marker settings. Using the power button and trigger there are a range of user settings that can be adjusted and optimized for each individual user. It allows the GTEK 160R to be configured to comply with any current league or format on the planet.

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