JT SplatMaster z200 .50 Caliber Shotgun Red

JT SplatMaster z200 .50 Caliber Shotgun Red

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New to paintball?  Wanting to get in on the action?  The JT SplatMaster z200 Shotgun is your perfect introduction to the sport.  This incredibly accurate pump gun will shoot straight and accurate up to 50 feet with a range of 100+ feet.  Set up a target range and hone your skills.  Play against your friends!  The z200 loads a smaller caliber paint pellet and pushes at a lower velocity resulting in less of a hit impact.  This is an awesome way to explore and develop paintball skills while experiencing less than the full impact of a direct hit.

  • Smooth, quick-pump action
  • Holds 15 rounds of JT SplatMaster Ammo
  • SWAT-style pistol grip for an awesome look and feel
  • Spring-action firing
  • Excellent accuracy up to 50 feet
  • Range of 100+ feet
  • Barrel plug included
  • No batteries or CO2 needed
DiscountPaintball.com reminds you to always wear approved protective eyewear when using the JT SplatMaster z200 or any other paintball marker.  Be smart, be safe, kick butt!
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