One of the things paintballers all over the world want is a barrel with pin point accuracy. The GOG Freak XL is something you want to look into having in your bag. The Freak XL 8 inch control insert allows the air to say behind the ball for a longer period of time. 
The result of the longer control bore you'll have greater efficiency, reduced sound signature and a lower operating pressure is required by the marker.

Paintballs all come out a standard .688 bore size but in the colder weather the balls will shrink and in the hotter temperatures the balls with expand. So having a Freak XL kit will give you the ability to match your paintball and give you the more accurate shot. 
The Freak XL barrel system now comes with a better hard carry case to keep your barrels and inserts safe in transit. GoG also made the front and back removable from the marker quickly with just four turns. This lets you get the barrel on and off of any marker faster, while staying compatible with the most common barrel thread in paintball.

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