NXE SP Series 4+1 Pod and Tank Paintball Harness Black *With TUBES

NXE SP Series 4+1 Pod and Tank Paintball Harness Black *With TUBES

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The NXe 4+1 harness was designed with function in mind. The majority of 4+1harnesses on the market use a PP webbed belt with a simple buckle at the front.While this is fine for a recreational 2 or 3 pod pack, like their SP2 and SP3series packs, this belt does not make sense for use on a 4+1 pack, which carriesthe same or more weight than a tournament harness. Their solution? Use a highend elastic belt. The NX-SP41 and NX-SP41CAMO feature a high end body wrap belt,and are constructed of durable polyester.

  • Body Wrap Design Wraps the Body for Maximum Fit and Comfort.
  • Hold 4 Pods.
  • Adjustable Air Tank Holder.
  • Will accommodate up to a 20 oz. tank.
  • Non-slip grip pad ensures minimal pack movement.
  • Elastic Belt included.

Tank not included

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