Virtue Spire iR paintball loader new colors

There are five new Virtue Spire iR loader colors available now. has all of these colors including the Spire iR in blue black, FDE, lime black, purple black, and red black. These new Spire iR colors look great and feature the same quality and performance of the original Spire iR.

The Virtue Spire IR paintball loader is built to be easy to use, never jam, and be more reliable on the field. The Spire IR is not only smaller, lighter, and jam free, but now has the new intelligent proactive feeding so it is even more consistent and reliable than ever.

Virtue Paintball made the new Spire IR to be the best loader in its class. The Spire IR builds on an established design of the Virtue Spire loaders with proven results on the field, making it the most trusted loader in paintball. With the new Intelligent Proactive feeding, the Spire IR will feed even more reliably than the Spire 200/260 without ever pulsing. That's right no pulsing on the Spire IR. There's a reason why since its inception, the Spire series has won more professional tournaments than any other loader in the sport of paintball. Packed with the same features that made the original Virute Spire great, the Spire IR continues with a design philosophy that's Built to Win - smaller, lighter, easier to use, never jams, and now even more reliable.

The Spire IR paintball loader is not only smaller, lighter, and jam free, but thanks to new Intelligent Proactive feeding it's more consistent and reliable than ever. Starting at just $99.95, this will be the loader to have in your gear bag.

Never Pulses Never Jams
The Spire drive system allows the Spire IR to feed faster and more consistently while still being able to feed the worst paintballs imaginable without jamming. Improved sensors remove unnecessary pulsing and create a quieter, more efficient loader.

Softer On Paint
Designed to feed the most fragile paint on the market, the Spire IR gives you an edge in every game. Spring loaded, flexible rubber fingers gently feed brittle paint with ease.

Intelligent Proactive Feeding
The combination of 3-IR sensors protected behind poly carbonate allow the Spire IR to feed proactively, rather than reactively like traditional IR sensors. This ensures a constant stream of paint that never fails you on the field, rain or shine.

Durable Nylon Back Shell
With durability in mind, the new nylon back shell gives every player peace of mind. Now the back shell is made of the same material as the body of the loader to ensure ultimate longevity.

Better Battery Life
The Spire IR is the most battery efficient Spire yet, thanks to its proactive IR feeding logic and optimized electronics. Combine the Spire IR with the Virtue N-Charge battery pack to get even better performance, reliability, and ease of use.

Quick Change Lid & Speedfeed
The Spire IR’s redesigned durable nylon back shell can be fitted with the updated Spire III CrownSF II in seconds. Not only can you swap back and forth from a lid to a speed feed in seconds, but you can now remove and clean each individual finger just as easily. Each spring finger offers the ultimate combination of feeding performance, paint retention, and sag-proof reliability.

Even More Reliable?
We know what you’re thinking. Is it possible to make the original Spire even more reliable while reducing cost? Yes. After years of experience with every little quirk or issue that both professional and recreational paintball players could throw at us, we redesigned the most common failure points of the original Spire and found a way to make it more economical in the process.

New Low Cost 260 Shell Upgrade
Rather than offer the Spire IR in a 200 and 260 round option, the Spire 260 shell kit price as been reduced to give every Spire IR user a low cost way to switch back and forth between 200 and 260 round shells in seconds.

New Low Cost Color Kits
We recognize that many players want to customize their loader colors, which is why we’ve reduced the price of Spire color kits to so you can build your own color combinations for a cheaper price than ever.

Spring Ramp Upgradeable
The original Spire Spring Ramp is still compatible with the Spire IR, and will ramp those last few balls back into the feeding raceway when you shoot long strings at odd angles.

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