Ninja Paintball Pro Regulator SHP (Rotational Bonnet, Super High Pressure)

Ninja Paintball Pro Regulator SHP (Rotational Bonnet, Super High Pressure)



Ninja Paintball Compressed Air Tank Regulator Valve - Pro SHP (Super High Pressure) 1100 psi (adjustable down to 950 psi) Output ­ 4500 psi.
This regulator was built specifically for markers that require a high input pressure such as the Tippmanns.
The SHP will regulate the airflow coming out from the tank down to a 1100psi output pressure and can be adjusted further to 950 psi. With the rebuildable design, you can easily remove the top of the regulator to clean and maintain it.
Ninja PRO SHP Regulators include an aluminum bonnet and mini guage. The PRO SHP also features a rotational fill to position the fill nipple in any direction you desire.
•Aluminum bonnet
•Mini Pressure Gauge
•SHP has non-adjustable output - factory set at 1100psi (Adjustable to 950 psi)
•Completely rebuildable by the user
•Every regulator is hand crafted and factory tested
•Super low response curve 0-50 PSI from full to empty
•Meets all DOT, CGA and ASTM specifications
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