PepperBall Live SD Projectiles 10 Rounds
PepperBall Live SD Projectiles 10 Rounds

PepperBall Live SD Projectiles 10 Rounds

These live PepperBall rounds contain 2.0% PAVA. It is effective for direct impact and area saturation when there is no line of sight. Upon impact, a PepperBall rounds burst to create a 12-foot cloud of pepper irritant that rapidly disperses into the air to quickly incapacitate an attacker. Within seconds, the saturation area extends in all directions around the point of impact. With this active defense zone, a direct hit is not required. Simply striking the ground in close proximity to your target is often enough to diffuse a threat.

For use in PepperBall® LifeLite™ and TCP™ Launchers only.

NOT FOR SALE TO: California, New York, Massachusetts, Washington D.C., or Canada.
Must be over 18 years of age to purchase

  • Ultrasonically welded
  • Shell color indicates payload
  • 100% water proof
  • Operational temperature of -30°F–150°F
  • 10 Live SD PepperBall Projectiles
  • Non-flammable

Caliber    .68
Weight    .3 gram
Payload    2.5 gram
Shelf Life   2 years
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