Proto Rail MaXXed Paintball Marker Black Lime

Proto Rail MaXXed Paintball Marker Black Lime

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Taking over the field, the Proto Rail MaXXed is your stepping stone to greatness. MaXXed was designed for top-level performance at a reasonable price. Featuring Boost Forward Technology, giving you a cushioned push on the ball and delayed bolt speed for increased air efficiency and high rate of fire.


  • 2-piece Micro Honed 14 inch barrel
  • Lever lock adjustable feed neck
  • Ultralite on/off airport
  • Quick release macroline hose
  • Increased Air Flow Hyper 3 Inline Regulator
  • Anti-chop Break beam Eye System
  • Proto Dual-Density Injection Sticky Grip
  • LED Program Control with Four Tournament Modes and Rate of Fire adjustment
  • Ultralite Ergonomic 45 Frame
  • Ultralite Aluminum Trigger
  • Self cleaning Eye Pipe technology with integrated ball detents
  • Screwed together bolt kit with metal back cap for easy access.
  • Marker case
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