SP Shocker CVO Paintball Gun Dust Brown with Gloss Black Accents
SP Shocker CVO Paintball Gun Dust Brown with Gloss Black Accents

SP Shocker CVO Paintball Gun Dust Brown with Gloss Black Accents



The Shocker CVO shown in Dust Brown here requires no batteries and has many of the same great features as it's big brother the Shocker XLS. If you are looking for a fully mechanical, spool valve operated, high end paintball marker then check out the Shocker CVO.

Roller Actuated Pilot Valve
This is what makes the shocker CVO tick. Replacing battery, microprocessor, power circuits and solenoid valve is a roller actuated pilot valve. The result of years of development and field-testing around the world, this precision-machined aluminum valve only needs to move less than 6 hundredths of an inch to operate. What’s more, the valves fixed seal design utilizes a valve core sliding through the center of fixed position o-rings. With less contact area in the o-rings inner diameter compared to its outside, both friction and wear are reduced. Close-before-open actuation closes the gas supply before venting the exhaust gas to maintain consistent air efficiency.

Spool Valve Operation
The latest bolt system from SP the Shocker XLS bolt system elevates the Shocker’s performance to a whole new level. By taking advantage of the longer marker platform, the Shocker XLS bolt system has a larger internal volume resulting in even lower operating pressure of 145psi. The lower operating pressure allows the Shocker CVO to provide a smoother, quieter shot than previous generations of Shocker while maintaining the same level of effciency. When paired with refinements to the regulator design – the XLS bolt system has a faster recharge and greater consistency at full rate of fire then ever before.

14-Inch All-American Freak XL
Drawing from the latest barrel technology the new Shocker CVO ships with the equally new – Freak XL. The Freak XL features a longer control bore that allows the air to remain behind the ball longer, allowing it to do more work accelerating the ball – with less air. This means that the new Shocker CVO can operate at lower operating pressure, and increase efficiency over previous Shocker models. Because the new Shocker CVO uses the Freak XL barrel system, players now have the added advantage of quick turn autococker threads on the factory Freak XL barrel back – so removing your barrel takes 1/2 as many turns while remaining compatible with any autococker threaded marker.

Advanced Bolt Design and Lever Detents
Angled lever style ball detents are extremely soft on paint, while maintaining enough tension for even the most forceful loaders. The ball detents are also incredibly durable, lasting millions of cycles with simple cleaning. Thoughtful design of the bolt tip prevents clipping when used with high force loaders. The bolts rounded edge, and forward o-ring guide the paintball stack carefully out of the way when chambering and firing the paintball in the breach. The open face bolt design physically contacts the ball at its strongest point – its edge – thus distributing any physical force across the greatest surface area of the ball. Designed to maximize the effectiveness of the Shocker lever style ball detents – the bolt face works with the detents to minimize roll back (paint moving in the breach due to small or oddly shaped paintballs).

Integrated Regulator
In development of the Shocker XLS and CVO platform SP challenged its engineers to squeeze even more performance from the Shocker regulator design. The result is the new XLS regulator piston – machined from aircraft grade aluminum and Type III hard anodized. The XLS regulator piston uses the same seals that have been proven consistent and durable – but with lighter weight and higher flow. The XLS piston allows a faster recharge rate, and greater consistency while at maximum rate of fire than previous generation Shockers. The XLS regulator piston also has a retention ring – which allows the secondary spring to remain attached to the piston, offering easier disassembly for regulator service.

Q-Lock Feedneck
Professional tournament proven over generations of Shockers, the Q-Lock clamps loaders securely in place, yet opens easily with the flick of lever. The Shocker CVO  features upgraded thumbwheel feedtube adjustment making fitting any loader on the market easier than ever.

Shocker XLS Carry Case
With the creation of the Shocker CVO we wanted to elevate all aspects of the experience of owning a Shocker and that includes the case. The new Shocker CVO  case has been trimmed down, and beefed up to be more compact and rugged than ever before. In addition to cutting down the overall thickness – we have utilized a new carbon pattern material to add water and dirt resistance to the outer skin of the case.
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