SP Shocker XLS Paintball Marker Red Dust
SP Shocker XLS Paintball Marker Red Dust

SP Shocker XLS Paintball Marker Red Dust



The SP Shocker XLS Paintball Marker in Red Dust takes the performance of the RSX platform and adds more features and refinements that players have requested. This gives the Shocker XLS better performance and ergonomics which puts this paintball marker at a whole new level.

Shocker Air Source Adapter
Shocker users asked for a lower profile system, that allows a super low grip and offers more space for larger hands. The Shocker XLS answers customer’s requests by utilizing the newly redesigned low-profile ASA. The XLS air source adapter is as simple and dependable as previous generations, but with a much smaller footprint. Generous cuts on the activation knob ensure easy use no matter the playing conditions – even with gloves.

Shocker Electronics
The Shocker XLS weather tough screen cover raises the over all water and debris resistance of the Shocker electronics package. Because the new button also has greater travel, the switch is also easier to operate with larger fingers or even gloves.

Shocker Barrel System
The Freak XL features a longer control bore that allows the air to remain behind the ball longer, allowing it to do more work accelerating the ball with less air. This means that the new Shocker XLS can operate at lower operating pressure, and increase efficiency over previous Shocker models.

Shocker Bolt System
The latest bolt system from SP the Shocker XLS bolt system elevates the Shocker’s performance to a whole new level. By taking advantage of the longer marker platform, the Shocker XLS bolt system has a larger internal volume resulting in even lower operating pressure of 145psi. The lower operating pressure allows the Shocker XLS to provide a smoother, quieter shot than previous generations of Shocker while maintaining the same level of efficiency. When paired with refinements to the regulator design – the XLS bolt system has a faster recharge and greater consistency at full rate of fire then ever before.

Shocker Regulator System
In development of the Shocker XLS platform SP challenged its engineers to squeeze even more performance from the Shocker regulator design. The result is the new XLS regulator piston machined from aircraft grade aluminum and Type III hard anodized. The XLS regulator piston uses the same seals that have been proven consistent and durable but with lighter weight and higher flow. The XLS piston allows a faster recharge rate, and greater consistency while at maximum rate of fire than previous generation Shockers.

Shocker Trigger System
The XLS features a restructured trigger guard offering even more room. The bottom and front of the guard have been re-shaped to accommodate nearly any player grip angle.

Shocker Milling + Ergonomics
The Shocker XLS delivers the ergonomic changes many Shocker RSX owners have desired. By extending the overall length of the marker a greater sense of balance and a more stabile platform is created. A small change has a big effect on how the marker points, aims and feels while running and shooting.

Shocker Case
The new Shocker XLS  case has been trimmed down, and beefed up to be more compact and rugged than ever before. In addition to cutting down the overall thickness – we have utilized a new carbon pattern material to add water and dirt resistance to the outer skin of the case.
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