Tippmann 20 oz. Aluminum Co2 Tank for Paintball
Tippmann 20 oz. Aluminum Co2 Tank for Paintball

Tippmann 20 oz. Aluminum Co2 Tank for Paintball



The Tippmann 20 oz CO2 paintball tank arrive to you tested and ready to be filled and used in competition directly out of the box the day you receive them. The Tippmann CO2 Tanks are equipped with the Repeater Pin Valve which is the most durable pin valve in the industry. The Repeater Pin Valve boasts a recessed valve which connects easily and conveniently and is manufactured in brass with the most durable brass fittings. All Tippmann CO2 Systems are extremely reliable at every level of play. With proper care and hydro-testing every five years, our lightweight, durable aluminum cylinders will withstand a lifetime of activity. The Tippmann CO2 System has a safety purge valve installed from the factory to the highest of industry standards. The Tippmann CO2 Systems are viewed as the industry standard for reliability, durability, and safety. Tippmann CO2 Systems will help you bring your game to the next level.

  • Powered by Tippmann Pure Energy Technology
  • Reliable Pure Energy Repeater Style Pin Valve
  • Pure Energy Repeater Valves are installed by qualified technicians and meet or
  • Exceed all industry standards
  • Five-year retest cycle.
  • All components meet or exceed all ASTM, DOT, TC or CGA standards
  • Tank must be filled prior to use

Our tanks ship empty. These can be re-filled at sporting good stores, paintball fields, and many other places.
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