Tippmann Reloader Magazine Filler TMC / Stormer

Tippmann Reloader Magazine Filler TMC / Stormer



The Tippmann Reloader is a mechanical magazine loader that fits both .50 cal and .68 cal paintball magazines for the Tippmann TMC, Tippmann Stormer, and the JT Z18 Splatmaster. No more loading your magazines one ball at a time! This holds 375 paintballs in .68 caliber and 1000 paintballs in .50 caliber. Just load your paintballs in the top, insert your magazine, wind the magazine with the included crank, then use the other crank to load paintballs into the magazine. It is super easy and fast.

  • Quickly and easily loads Paintball Magazines
  • Works with Tippmann TMC magazines and Splatmaster Z18 Magazines
  • Loads Magazines using a simple hand-crank load system
  • Converts between .68Cal feed and .50Cal feed
  • High Capacity; holds 375 .68Cal Paintballs and 1000 .50Cal Paintballs
  • External reinforcement allows mounting to tables or walls
  • Empty hopper can be used to store 4 spare Magazines
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