Tippmann X7 XP5 SD Foregrip

Tippmann X7 XP5 SD Foregrip





  • Versatile, two-piece construction allows you to run with two distinct mil-simlooks
  • Shroud can easily be “unlocked” and removed (or reattached) ifdesired
  • Glass-filled nylon composite construction
  • Accommodates 2-inch bottom rail mount
  • Free floating design provides a secure attachment point without the useof set screws or adapter sleeves that can scratch and damage your barrel

Give your Tippmann X7 an intimidating military look and feel with the XP-5SD Foregrip and Shroud. Unlike other grips and barrel shrouds, the XP-5 SD foregripand shroud is free-floating so it doesn’t require set screws, compressionrings or adapter sleeves and won't scar or damage the barrel on your X7. Designedwith form and functionality in mind, the mil-sim shroud is simple to installand constructed from tough glass-filled nylon composite to withstand a lifetimeof punishing woods paintball play.

The XP-5 SD Shroud is a versatile, two-piece shroud and foregrip that givesyou two distinct mil-sim options. Run with both the shroud and foregrip, or“unlock” and remove the shroud, attach the end cap, and run with justthe foregrip.


  • XP-5 Foregrip
  • XP-5 Shroud
  • XP-5 End cap
  • XP-5 Sight

Technical Specs:

  • Overall length is 14 inches, with a total of 10? inches added to gun
  • Outer Diameter: 2¼ inches at base; 1? inch at nose
  • Inner Diameter: 11/8 inch around barrel


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