Tippmann Zombie Paintball Armor Padded Suit
Tippmann Zombie Paintball Armor Padded Suit

Tippmann Zombie Paintball Armor Padded Suit

Protecting your Zombie paintball actors is important to keeping them working long shifts. Prolong your zombie actor lifespan with the Tippmann Zombie Armor. Painful paintball hits can reduce motivation on the field, but with Tippmann Zombie Armor all sensitive areas of the body are protected while maintaining fluid realistic movement. If you are the owner of a field your referees and volunteers deserve Tippmann Zombie Armor.

  • Fully adaptable for varied zombie actors
  • Fit range: approx. From 5 to 6 feet tall
  • Arm length and width adjustability
  • Leg length and width adjustability
  • Torso length and width adjustability
  • Reinforced impact areas
  • Plastic chest & crotch to lessen pain and increase ball bursts on impact
  • Extra protected hands, shoulder and hip areas
  • Fluid movement
  • Greater maneuverability allows kneeling, sitting, bending and jogging increasing zombie realism
  • Easy clean maintenance
  • Wash by simply hosing down and hang drying
  • 95% absorption free from moisture, paint and water
  • Just a few minutes to suit up your zombies
  • Legs and torso slip on easily with just some arm adjusting needing assistance
  • Material composition
  • 85% closed cell foam
  • 10% plastic
  • 5% velcro
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