Used Paintball Gear is now available at Discount Paintball!

We now stock used paintball gear, including used paintball guns, used masks, used hoppers and used tanks. We thought we would offer another option during these tough economic times and give people the opportunity to continue to play paintball and upgrade their guns, masks and other equipment without breaking the bank.
Buying used paintball guns, and other gear online from person to person via Craigslist or Ebay seems to deter most people, as the thought of an unsatisfactory or a defective product always ways in the back of their mind. At Discount Paintball we only accept used paintball gear that is in good to excellent condition. All used guns are gone through in detail after we acquire them and then the item is tested a number of times to simulate use. Once a used paintball gun or other gear is purchased, the item is tested again before it leaves our facility to ensure a working product.
We do our very best to ensure that all use paintball gear will arrive to you in working condition. However, we understand that there may be a rare chance that your used paintball gun, or used hopper etc. may have some type of issue upon arrival, after all, not everything can go perfect. That being said, we offer a 14 day warranty. The warranty starts the day you purchase the item in store, or the day arrives if you purchase it online. We do this to offer peace of mind, and make the purchasing of use paintball gear a little less stressful or risky.
Find all your USED PAINTBALL GEAR needs at the best prices HERE, at Discount Paintball!

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