VForce Profiler LTD Paintball Goggles Charcoal DXS Urban

VForce Profiler LTD Paintball Goggles Charcoal DXS Urban

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VForce Profiler: Vision Under Pressure. From the fanatic intensity of top Internationalcompetition.

Optical Superiority: Never miss a shot!

Enhanced field of vision = unrestricted view, every angle.

Ultra low profile enables super tight play.

High Tech spherical optics aid super fast snap shooting.

Thermo-Cured Anti-Fog endures, game after game.

Hard Target Design: Stay in the Game !
Hard Target Design(tm): reduce silhoutte = "hard to hit" target.
UltraLow Profile enables super-tight play, best peripheral.

High Bounce Factor: Stay in the Game even longer!
ProGrille(tm) soft center-face = high bounce-count, no jaw bone.
Vflector soft forehead panel delivers max bounce without ProVisor.

ProVisor soft contoured bounce-visor.
RimShot: soft lower edge for high-comfort interface.

World's Fastest Mask:
Qucik-Change Lens speed for super-fast service during time outs.
Quick-Change close-contact strap: high security comfort and super-fast maintenance.

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