Virtue Glint Anti Fog Goggle Spray 250 ML

Virtue Glint Anti Fog Goggle Spray 250 ML

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Virtue Glint Paintball Lens Cleaner and Protection is the only Triple Action, specially formulated, goggle spray in paintball -- Cleans, Protects & adds Anti-fog capabilities.


  • Extends Lens Life: Special additives apply a micro-protectant layer to your lens, filling in hairline cracks, improves scratch resistance and prolongs lens life.
  • Cleans Quickly & Stays Clean Longer: Polycarbonate-safe degreaser quickly cleans the lens and adds anti-static protection to keep it cleaner longer.
  • Anti-Fog Protection: Prevents condensation and fog from forming on the lens.
  • 250ml Bottle: Compact enough to fit in your gear bag, with cleaning solution to last you the entire year
  • Angled Trigger Sprayer Head: Easy spray-on application from a downward angle.
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