The Virtue Spire V (Spire 5) is here! This is the next generation loader from Virtue, an industry leader in paintball hopper technology. Virtue has a lengthy reputation for dominating the field of paintball hoppers. Virtue Paintball's line of Spire loaders have long been relied upon by both amateur and professional players.

The Virtue Spire 5 is fast, jam proof, and is not only even easier to use than its predecessors, but also more responsive, reliable, and robust than ever!

Dual Sensor Technology
The Spire V / Spire 5 electronics merge two reliable high-performance platforms: Accelerometer technology is augmented with 3-Infrared Sensors to seamlessly control the activation and stopping power of the jam-proof Spire drive system. Dual sensing technology allows for precise shot detection and ball detection throughout the entire feeding cycle, ensuring the fastest responding loader both in the lab and on field conditions.

Easy Electronics
Just turn it on and go. No programming or debug settings will ever be needed thanks to use of multiple sensors backed by over ten years of paintball loader software evolution.

Upgraded Dual Shell Lock
Don’t let looks fool you, the Spire 5 features a redesigned shell and locking system that is more robust than ever. Slide, dive, play in full beast mode! The Spire V will stay locked.

Soft on Paint & Jam Proof Design
Designed to feed everything; from dimpled, misshapen paintballs to the most fragile paint your marker can shoot. Flexible rubber fingers gently feed brittle paint and clear any potential jams before your marker ever skips a beat.

Tool less Hinged Shells
Changing batteries or cleaning the Spire V is easier than ever and the new locking system keeps it securely closed, while providing one-handed access to the entire inside of the loader. Revolutionary freedom!

Tool less Drive & Tray
Easily clean the drive and tray without needing tools for disassembly.

Included Crown SF II Speed Feed
Each Spire 5 comes with a color-matched high performance Crown SF II Speed Feed with removable spring fingers which locks into place for every dive or breakout. Rain lid included too!

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