Virtue Tippmann 98 Board

Virtue Tippmann 98 Board

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The Virtue T98 E-grip board easily installs in minutes, and now features Virtue'snew Redefined code.

Unique T98 Features

  • Easy drop in replacement for any E-grip T98.
  • Included Power-On button (no more allen keys!)
  • Adjustable Auto-shutdown Setting
  • For Non E-grip Tippmann M-98 Virtue Customers

Virtue Redefined is the most comprehensive upgrade to the Virtue platform todate. All the original #1 Upgrade Virtue features are inluced as well as newfeatures, modes & settings to make your gun perform to its full potential andeven easier to use.

Virtue Redefined is the only upgrade that actually replaces your gun's engine,improving performance at every level - guaranteed to UPGRADE your gun's engine.Virtue Redefined's advanced trigger and eye logic ensure your marker will bethe fastest on the field, while never chopping a ball, even in straight semi-auto.Redefined now features Player Profiles allowing you to make and save customprofiles on your gun, and instantly switch between them with the flick of aswitch.

Virtue Redefined: better performance, more modes, easier to use, and backedby a lifetime warranty.

Key Features

  • Featherlite Microswitch
  • 10 Modes of fire - Semi Auto, PSP Mode, NXL Mode, Millennium Mode, AutoResponse, Full Auto, Breakout Mode, Ramp Mode, and Select-A-Mode and TrainingMode.
  • Player Profiles- Create and store two customizable player profile that makecomplex setting, rate of fire, and mode changes to your gun with the flipof a single dip switch.
  • Virtue Trigger Logic and Redefined Eye Logic constantly monitors the triggerto ensure every trigger pull is recognized, giving you the fastest respondinggun, and highest possible rates of fire.
  • Adjustable Debounce, Dwell, Anti-Mechanical Bounce, Eye Delay, Ramp ActivationSpeed, Ramp Percentage, Ramp Initiation, Anti-Bolt Stick, Max Rate of Fire,10th BPS MROF, Breakbeam/Reflective Eye Modes (Shocker).
  • Ultra Bright LED status indicator - instantly know the status of your gun.If it’s loaded, empty, has an eye malfunction and more.
  • Increased Power Efficient Software - over 200,000 shots in testing.
  • All settings are stored in non-volatile memory so they will not be lostwhen the battery dies or is removed.
  • Adjustable idle auto-shutdown saves battery life.
  • Low battery indicator software.
  • Fail safe Factory Reset - reset all settings to Factory Defaults.
  • Forced Shot allows the marker to be fired when the eyes are enabled, butno object is in the breech - just hold down the trigger for 1 second.
  • Instant On allows the marker to be fired instantly upon turn on.

Tournament Lock/Unlock allows the marker to be programmed through the triggerwithout having to constantly open the grip. With the tournament lock enabled,settings cannot be changed without opening up the grip.


For Non E-grip Tippmann M-98 Virtue Customers: To determine ifyour Tippmann 98 can accept a Virtue board open the left side of the grip andcheck for slot for the solenoid to fit into at the bottom of the grip frame.If your frame has the appropriate slot for the solenoid, you will need the followingparts (check with your local shop or call Tippmann directly)

  • E-grip sear armature
  • Return magnet
  • Lighter sear spring
  • E-grip sear (this sear just has a round hole in the middle of it not aslot or oval)
  • Remove the sear-catch from the stock trigger (stock trigger is still used)

Please note that when installing the Virtue board into your non-Egrip M-98you must knock out the battery plate from inside of the left clamshell. Thebattery plate is in the shape of a 9 volt battery. This is a perforated cutout.With a hammer and punch you can easily tap out this plate.

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