WAS Equalizer Board for the Evil Pimp
WAS Equalizer Board for the Evil Pimp

WAS Equalizer Board for the Evil Pimp




Make your Pimp as fast as an Intimidator! The new WAS Equalizer circuit boardis a replacement for your stock board that will speed up your Evil Pimp dramatically.


  • Removes dwell buttons
  • Easier standardized setup
  • Lower debounce settings allow easier higher rate of fire
  • Equalink connection for internet program download (optional

What is the Equalizer?

The Equalizer is a tournament legal, semi-only board for PMI's Pimp Kit. Thisboard has been approved for use by PMI, which means that by using this boardyou will not void the warranty of your Pimp. This upgrade board increases therate of fire and offers numerous other features (described below).


How difficult is it to install the Equalizer?

Installation of the Equalizer is very simple, and takes just a few minutes!Just open the grip panel of your Pimp, remove the old stock circuit board, plugin your new Equalizer board, and then reassemble your grip panel! That's it!No soldering or any type of permanent modification is necessary! You can changeback to the stock configuration at anytime.

To see for yourself how easy the installation is download our Equalizer Installationand Usage Manual by clickinghere!


How does it work?

The Equalizer uses highly sophisticated algorithms for calculating the optimalcycle timing. This technique makes the balls available to the marker quickerby not having the bolt in the way of the balls falling during a high rate offire.


What are the differences between stock board and the Equalizer board?

Information is not available at this time.


What other features does the Equalizer have?

There are no dip switches or push buttons. All settings are stored internally.Settings can be changed at any time via trigger programming using the LED, orwith the Equalink (computer interface).

The computer interface allows the user to adjust all of the settings. The mostimportant feature of this interface is the ability to completely reprogram thesoftware in the board. Wicked Air Sportz will periodically update the softwareas we improve it, and this allows an easy method of upgrading boards withoutthem having to be returned for the upgrade. Updates will be available via ourwebsite for downloading as they become available.


Technical information about the Equalizer

Rate of fire: limited only by the pneumatics. Approximately 35bps currently.
Power source: 9v battery, using stock wiring harness.
Interface: proprietary, based on EIA232 standards.
Warranty: lifetime through manufacturer.

Updated WAS board for Pimp
This is the updated board (not v1.0 at least) and has the old PSP/NXL 15.5 bps ramping modes
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