WarGear Premium Cyclone Flexi Paddles Orange

WarGear Premium Cyclone Flexi Paddles Orange

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WarGear Soft Cyclone Flexi Paddles are made for those who demand the best for their Tippmann Paintball Marker. WarGear designed their new soft paddles to outperform all other paddles by making them much softer to reduce ball breaks and improve performance of your cyclone feed system. Designed from the ground up to be the absolute best soft paddles you can buy today.

The WarGear Flexi Paddles are the first paddle designed with a unique Interlocking Design to help lock the top and bottom paddles together which prevents them from slipping around the cyclone shaft and becoming out of alignment. This is a must have when dealing with a softer paddle. WarGear also includes a Nylon washer which reduces excessive wear between the paddles and cyclone to extend the life of your new paddles.

WarGear Cyclone Flexi Paddle Features:

  • Fits all Tippmann Cyclone Feed Systems A-5, X7 and 98
  • Soft Paddles to Reduce Breaks
  • Exclusive Interlocking Design
  • Nylon Washer to Reduce Wear
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