New Empire Mini Paintball Gun Colors available now

Check out these cool new colors for the Empire Mini Paintball Gun. We have Black Dust with Polished Lime Green Parts. Also new is Blue Polished with Black Parts. We also received a small shipment of the popular Blue and Green Empire Mini's.
New Empire Mini Colors
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2014 Dye Paintball Gear Bags

Dye 2014 Paintball Gear Bags

The new 2014 Dye Paintball Gear bags are in stock and ready to ship. Dye Paintball has always been known for their high quality gear bags that meet the demands of the serious paintball player.
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Dye Rotor with Color Kit and Quick Feed Save $50

Buy a Dye Rotor and get a Speedfeed and Color Kit for only $10. That's $10 total not each! This is a savings of $50
Dye Rotor with $10 Color Kit and Quick Feed
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Proto Rail Maxxed is Here

The Proto Rail Maxxed paintball gun has the all the features of the standard Proto Rail with three additions. The Maxxed version has a lever clamp feedneck, Two piece 14 inch barrel, On/off ASA, and all these accessories are color matched to make new colors.
Proto Rail Maxxed
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New Empire E-Flex Paintball Mask Colors

Check out these new custom Empire E-Flex paintball masks. These are new color combinations that are hard to find at other stores. These are great if you don't want to look like everyone else on the field.

Empire E-Flex Custom Paintball Goggle Colors

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