New Tippmann Stormer Paintball Marker Overview

The Tippmann Stormer is made from a lightweight and high impact composite material. There are three models - the Basic, Tactical, and Elite. All three models are .68 caliber and feature semi automatic shooting using the High Performance in-line bolt system. We like these markers for several reasons. First, they are made by Tippmann! So you know they are going to work and shoot great. These are based off the Tippmann Cronus and TMC platform which we have sold for many years and customers are  always happy with them. The Tippmann Stormer paintball markers are also priced very low. You get a lot for your money with the Tippmann Stormer line up. Now all you have to do is choose which model to get!

The Tippmann Stormer Basic has an offset feed port with front and rear fixed sights for making your shot count. A vertical foregrip and top picatinny rails are included also. The Aluminum 9.75" barrel is made in Tippmann 98 threads. The over molded rubber grip feels very comfortable in your hand.

The Tippmann Stormer Tactical marker has many of the features the Basic model does but adds more. The Tactical model features a 6 position collapsible stock, flip up front and rear sites, and a front shroud with picatinny rails on the top and bottom.
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