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The Empire EVS paintball mask is a new product with some really awesome features. Empire Paintball is proud to announce the collaboration of smart eye wear technology from Recon Instruments with our industry-leading protective goggle.  A new app from Empire adapts the Recon SNOW2 heads-up display for use on the paintball field, allowing real-time information and phone connectivity that provides our paintball players with a technological advantage over the rest of the field

The Empire EVS paintball goggle will feature a field map area in the Empire App and will show real-time locations of you and your friends on the paintball field when used in conjunction with the Recon Engage App.  The map is interactive, allowing you to zoom over Points of Interest and help navigate you or others to selected way points, shown in real-time.  Never lose your teammates when in the heat of battle.

“We at Empire are excited to partner with Recon Instruments and Intel to offer the latest technology in the sport of paintball.  Our premiere paintball goggle is enhanced by the technology provided by Recon to offer a unique player experience unrivaled in our industry.” Louie Spicer – Chief Technology Officer, Empire Paintball.

Debuting at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, a goggle with the heads up display is available for demo at the Intel booth to show the functions offered by Recon and Empire.  The HUD is Bluetooth linked to an Empire Vanquish paintball marker, allowing changes to any of the 33 board settings via the wrist controller and is also linked to a GoPro camera for live feed on the heads-up display and video capture.

.Empire EVS Mask White CyanEmpire EVS Inside ViewEmpire EVS mask inside



  • Marker connectivity via Bluetooth
  • Shows marker statuses including – Eye Status, Rate of Fire, Firing Mode, Battery Level, Lube Level, Marker Pressure, Shot Count
  • Users can download maps of their favorite fields -Maps include way points like flag stations, battle areas, and important landmarks
  • Buddy tracking via the Recon Engage app
  • Similar map functionality to native Recon map app
Empire EVS mask display
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