#PAINTBALLSTRONG is a worldwide initiative to raise awareness to current paintball players and potential paintball customers. We need Paintball players worldwide to help spread the joy of PAINTBALL!

As the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic continues to affect all of our daily lives, the paintball industry is standing together. In an effort to stay connected to everything paintball, Brands, News and Blog services, Leagues, Fields, Stores and Players are all invited to share, upload paintball content through #PaintballStrong.

At DiscountPaintball.com we stand united with the paintball community, together and strong for the sport we all love. Join us, stay safe, stay connected and stay Paintball Strong!

Paintball Strong Initiative:
THE Goal: To make sure PAINTBALL stays front and center during the COVID-19/Corona Spring Lockdown. Create unity with all PAINTBALL PLAYERS to promote paintball for the long term. It is everyone’s responsibility to promote on all social media channels, websites, by sharing/ interacting with our paintball community and spreading the word about the benefits of playing paintball. We ask you to join in and participate with a “theme” based promotion (below). Each day regardless if you are a Player, Field owner, or Store we ask that you showcase a different part of paintball from general play, history of the game, scenario, tournament, and other. Again, the goal is to keep people engaged with paintball so that when we exit from this crisis that we UNITE and get as many, new, existing, and previous players out playing right away!

Who is Involved: Several industry leaders, fields, players, and stores are currently participating in pulling together resources. Our hope is that all paintball business and players will get behind this initiative as it can only benefit paintball!


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