Virtue Spire 4 Paintball Loader Reality Brush Camo 280
Virtue Spire 4 Paintball Loader Reality Brush Camo 280

Virtue Spire 4 Paintball Loader Reality Brush Camo 280



With the Virtue Spire 4 280 paintball loader shown here in Reality Brush Camo, you get everything you love and need in a loader with all new Proactive Feeding logic that works more reliably. Plus, built in Virtue iFI wireless integration with compatible markers and upgraded cosmetic with tool-less electronics for easy N-Charge battery pack installation. The Virtue Spire IV is more than just a loader upgrade, this redefines perfection.

Features at a glance:
  • 220 ball capacity
  • Dual LED reload indicator with alarm
  • Interchangeable spire drive fingers
  • Brittle paint performance
  • Intelligent Proactive Logic
  • Quick change speed feed
  • Lambo door hinged shell
  • Integrated smart spring ramp
  • Magnetically attached Spire Drive
  • Pairs Perfectly with the Virtue Ace
  • Virtue App for Bluetooth control with Apple or Android
Load, Shoot, Repeat. Proactive Feeding You Rely On - Point After Point

A Smart Loader that Works When You Need It. Simply Logical.
The Spire 4 features all new Proactive Feeding logic. Unlike previous Spire models, which required constant sensor readings from every shot occasionally adding in unnecessary spins while shooting, and potentially resulting in slow rates of fire from a sensor malfunction; the Spire IV features the new Proactive Logic. Now your Spire IV starts feeding the instant the first shot is fired, and continues to feed automatically, without relying on continuous sensor readings until the stack is full. This is the same proven technology incorporated into the CTRL loader, which works more consistently and reliably on every type of marker.

Pairs Perfectly with the Virtue Ace
With the new Spire 4, you get Pro Active feeding logic when not connected to an iFi compatible marker. But when your Spire IV is paired with a Virtue Ace or Planet Eclipse CS2 and CS2 Pro, he iFI technology works hand in hand with the Spire IV to give you a remarkably reliable platform. And if the connection is ever lost for some reason, the Spire IV will function using the new standalone Spire IV Proactive Feeding logic.

Spire IV iFI Wireless Technology
The Spire IV has been upgraded to work with the Virtue Ace wireless iFI platform which includes the latest Bluetooth updatable software from Eclipse on the CS2 and CS2 Pro. This new feeding technology allows for a tight integration between the loader and the gun as the Spire IV maintains instant communication with the marker's eyes allowing for more consistent feeding, stopping and idle performance.

Virtue Has An App For That
The Spire 4 features wireless programming directly from an Apple or Android device. Download and update the Spire IV with the latest firmware or just always have your manual with you. With the Virtue Paintball + app, you can not only control your Spire IV, but continue to control and update your Spire III, Clock III chrono, and the all new Virtue Ace iFI board.

Disassemble the entire loader, right down to the drive cone, raceway, and even the electronics without using a single tool. Additionally, the Spire IV electronics are designed to use the Virtue N-Charge without any modifications to the circuit board.

Communication is Key. iFI Wireless Technology Lets Your Gear Interact. Seamlessly
Proactive Feeding improves performance when used on non-iFI compatible markers, but when paired with a Virtue Ace, Eclipse CS2 or CS2 Pro, the Spire IV is in communication with the marker's eyes. This makes the Spire IV even more responsive as it no longer relies on motor feedback to sense whether it should stop, but can immediately start can continue feeding as long as the marker is shooting. And once the marker's eye's detect a ball,the Spire IV knows instantly whent to stop feeding without any extra pulsing. Idle performance is also increased when paired when paired with the marker's eyes by preventing any pulsing or additional spins of the motor.

When You Look This Good, It's Hard to Blend In.
To help differentiate the Spire 4 and give this latest model of the Spire family a new look, we've upgraded the color ring around the side with a more aggressive racing stripe that's also injected in stronger, more reliable glass filled nylon. Additionally, the side badges now feature injected Virtue logos, rather than a sticker badge.
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