BT 2011 Magazine Pack Woodland Digital

BT 2011 Magazine Pack Woodland Digital




The BT Magazine Pack is the perfect lightweight ammo carrying system for players who like to run their tank on their marker and not have to leave their pods on the field of battle. The Magazine pack is just that, a magazine system for your pods. Just pull your new pod out of the bottom dump it in your loader, and then shove the empty one back in through the top. Two magazines hold up to four 140ct pods each, for a total of up to 8 pods. The elastic and velcro belt system is borrowed from the Empire paintball pod pack systems which adds comfort, stability and quality, just what you expect from BT Paintball.


  • Perfect lightweight ammo carrying system
  • Easy to remove and load your pods
  • Holds up to eight 140 count pods
  • Available in a low profile with or without a MOLLE system for accessories
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