Tippmann A-5 Egrip with Selector Switch
Tippmann A-5 Egrip with Selector Switch

Tippmann A-5 Egrip with Selector Switch




The All New Tippmann A-5 E Grip with three position Selector Switch allows you to change firing modes on the fly. The E Grip features 5 firing modes and the new Magnetically activated Hall-Effect Trigger allowing up to 20 balls per second shooting. The new Hall-Effect trigger will last 7 times longer than physical switches. The E-Grip system usesan electronic control board to activate a selenoid. When activated, the selenoiddisengages the sear, which in turn fires the marker. The System is powered bya concealed 9 Volt Battery. All electronic componets are completely containedinside the grip, which allows you to quickly and easily change grips. The bottomline is included as seen in the picture.

Fire Modes:

  • Semi-Auto: Fires 1 Shot for each trigger pull.
  • Auto-Response: Fires 1 Shot for each trigger pull or release.
  • 3 Shot Full Auto: 3 trigger pulls required after which the trigger can be held to achieve full auto firing
  • 3 Shot Ramping: 3 trigger pulls required and the consecutive trigger pulls will fire 3 shots per pull as long as the trigger is pulled at least 5 times per second.
  • Turbo: Fires 1 shot for every trigger pull until the time between trigger pulls is less than 1/4 of a second at which point it will fire on each trigger pull and trigger release.

The E-Grip Includes: Trigger Assembly, Electronic Componets, Bottomline, Grip Frame and installation instructions.

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