New Empire Mini GS with 2 Piece Barrel

New Empire Mini GS with 2 piece barrel

The new Empire Mini GS has a 14" two piece barrel included. This is a big upgrade from the shorter one piece barrel. The longer barrel will give you more accuracy and allows different size barrel backs to be used to customize your Mini GS even more. We also have the new Mini GS available in paintball package deals to save you some money. Click on Read More below to see details.
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#PAINTBALLSTRONG is a worldwide initiative to raise awareness to current paintball players and potential paintball customers. We need Paintball players worldwide to help spread the joy of PAINTBALL!

As the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic continues to affect all of our daily lives, the paintball industry is standing together. In an effort to stay connected to everything paintball, Brands, News and Blog services, Leagues, Fields, Stores and Players are all invited to share, upload paintball content through #PaintballStrong.
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During the COVID-19 shelter in place order we are still shipping orders out as fast as we can. Things might run a day or two behind. Right now our showroom is only allowing pickup orders that are phoned in ahead of time. We want to keep our customers and ourselves safe during this time. We have installed a pickup window and have protective gear to make sure contact is as little as possible. If you would like to do a pick up order please call us at 847-437-7400 ahead of time so we can arrange a time for you to come in.
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New Tippmann Stormer Paintball Marker Overview

The Tippmann Stormer is made from a lightweight and high impact composite material. There are three models - the Basic, Tactical, and Elite. All three models are .68 caliber and feature semi automatic shooting using the High Performance in-line bolt system. We like these markers for several reasons. First, they are made by Tippmann! So you know they are going to work and shoot great. These are based off the Tippmann Cronus and TMC platform which we have sold for many years and customers are  always happy with them. The Tippmann Stormer paintball markers are also priced very low. You get a lot for your money with the Tippmann Stormer line up. Now all you have to do is choose which model to get!

The Tippmann Stormer Basic has an offset feed port with front and rear fixed sights for making your shot count. A vertical foregrip and top picatinny rails are included also. The Aluminum 9.75" barrel is made in Tippmann 98 threads. The over molded rubber grip feels very comfortable in your hand.

The Tippmann Stormer Tactical marker has many of the features the Basic model does but adds more. The Tactical model features a 6 position collapsible stock, flip up front and rear sites, and a front shroud with picatinny rails on the top and bottom.
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Black Friday Paintball Deals 2019

Our Black Friday Paintball deals are live for 2019. We have specials from Empire Paintball, GOG Paintball, JT Paintball, Luxe Paintball, Tippmann Paintball, V-Force Paintball and others. Savings up to 50% on some paintball deals. is has low prices on paintball markers, paintball marker packages, 
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First Strike FSC Pistol in Bronze Tan a New Color

First Strike FSC Bronze color
The First Strike FSC Pistol Limited Edition Bronze looks amazing! The bronze color almost looks like Gold and matched with the tan grip it goes perfectly. This is a limited edition model so get them while we have them available. The First Strike FSC is designed to have a smaller, modular grip frame and shorter overall length, the FSC makes the perfect sidearm or can be modified to be a lightweight and aggressive CQC primary. The First Strike FSC can shoot regular paintballs or shaped First Strike rounds right out of the box. Read on for more . . . 
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New JT Proflex LE Paintball Masks are available

New JT Proflex Limited Edition masks

Two new JT Proflex LE paintball masks just arrived on November 5, 2019. We have the JT Proflex in Purple Lime White and also in Brown Tan. Both are limited editions and feature mirror prizm thermal lenses.  For those that do not know, the JT Proflex goggle systems are built for the professional and are hands down the most comfortable goggle system in the world. Everyone that tries one on says it is super comfortable and has great vision. Built on a timeless design, the JT Proflex goggle provides superior face protection using unique insert molding technology, giving the player a rigid upper section for maximum eye protection, while offering a soft flexible lower jaw line that allows the player to conform and move easily. Read on for more . . .

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New Empire Axe 2.0 color for November 2019

New color Empire Axe 2.0 Gray Blue
Here is a brand new color for the Empire Axe 2.0 paintball marker line up. The Empire Axe 2.0 in Dark Grey with Blue accents is the newest color just announced in November 2019 and it looks great! The gray color combined with the blue dust parts set this apart from the other colors currently available. The Axe 2.0 marker 10% lighter than the previous generation of Empire Axes. The Axe 2.0 continues to shred the competition whether in the woods or behind the bunker. The Axe 2.0 features a new smaller Relay on/off bottom ASA, anti chop eye system, electronic operation with multiple firing modes, and will accept the OLED screen upgrade.
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Tippmann TMC Mag Fed Paintball Marker Refurbished Save Money

Tippmann TMC Refurbished
Are you looking for a Mag Fed paintball marker but want to save some money? Check out these refurbished Tippmann TMC paintball markers. They don't come in a fancy package and only have one magazine but you can save a lot of money and extra magazines are always available. The guns are in perfect working order but may have some small scuff marks and an "R" stamped on the side. Only one 20 round magazine is included along with the hopper adapter, dummy magazine, blanking plate, and barrel sock. Packaged in a brown box, no retail packaging.

Refurbished Items Included:
  • TMC Paintball Marker
  • One 20 Round magazine
  • One hopper adapter
  • One magazine blanking plate
  • One dummy magazine (for hopper fed operation)
  • Barrel sock in Red or Yellow
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Eclipse MG100 Mag Fed Marker

Shipping on July 5th, 2019 the Planet Eclipse MG100 is the newest Magazine Fed paintball gun for the summer. Many of our customers have been waiting for this since the announcement a few months ago since Eclipse makes some of the top paintball markers in the business. It will accept Dye DAM Magazines and features the Eclipse Gamma Core bolt which is a first for Mag Fed paintball. You can Pre-Order the MG100 from Eclipse right here on Follow this link to be one of the first paintballers to receive your MG100. Keep reading for more information - 
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Holiday 2018

Holiday Paintball Deals 2018

These Paintball Specials are for a Limited Time!

Holiday Paintball Deals are going on now at This is a chance to save some cash on popular paintball markers, paintball marker packages, paintball masks, paintball hoppers, and paintball tanks for the 2018 holiday season. Below are some of the top paintball deals for the 2018 Holiday Paintball shopping season:
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New Virtue Spire iR colors

Virtue Spire iR paintball loader new colors

There are five new Virtue Spire iR loader colors available now. has all of these colors including the Spire iR in blue black, FDE, lime black, purple black, and red black. These new Spire iR colors look great and feature the same quality and performance of the original Spire iR.
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GI Sportz Stealth 160R Paintball Marker Overview

If you are looking for a Planet Eclipse Gtek 160R paintball marker you have to check out the GI Sportz Stealth. The GI Sportz Stealth was built by Planet Eclipse as a Gtek 160R with all the upgrades you would want. The  GI Sportz Stealth is an Eclipse 160R paintball gun with an upgraded low rise feed neck, a three piece barrel kit, POPS asa, blade trigger, and an Exalt gun bag. The GI Sportz Stealth paintball marker has the upgrades that most people add on to their Eclipse Gtek 160R but they are already installed.

The new low-profile feed neck on the GI Sportz Stealth with self-locking sprocket thumb wheel is a huge improvement. It features a reduced profile height, self-locking sprocket thumb wheel, clamping Lever, and is made from 6061-T6 Aluminum.
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Ultra Evil Paintballs

We just received a fresh shipment of Empire Ultra Evil paintballs. Feedback is coming in from our customers that have used these Ultra Evil paintballs and it is amazing. The comments we have heard are that they are super accurate, break consistently on target, and have a thick fill that is visible from far away.
Empire Ultra Evil paintballs are in stock
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Dye Paintball releases new high end M3s paintball marker

Dye M3s paintball marker

New for 2018 is the Dye M3s MOSair paintball marker. This is the latest tournament level paintball marker from Dye Precision and it has some great new upgrades and features over the previous Dye M2 MOSair. The Dye M3s includes the wireless charging mat so you do not need to connect a cable to charge the internal battery in the marker. 

Some new features include: All new FL-21 bolt, New Hyper 6s regulator, Removal of the LPR, New Ultralite barrel design with two barrel backs included, new low profile clamping feed neck design, and the new 3rd generation eye pipe.
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An all Black Tippmann TMC is finally available

Tippmann TMC in solid Black

The Tippmann TMC Mag Fed Paintball marker in solid black is available now. The Tippmann TMC has been one of the best selling paintball markers over the last year in the original black and tan color. Now it is available for those who did not care for the tan color. 
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Tippmann Paintball $30 Rebate on Select Markers

Tippmann Paintball $30 Rebate

Just in time for the holidays is the great $30 rebate from Tippmann Paintball. It is available on four of their most popular paintball markers - Tippmann 98, Tippmann A5,  Tippmann TMC, and the Tippmann Tipx pistol.

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Check out the Dye DSR Paintball gun

No longer are the days of dropping $1,500 on a paintball marker to have the best performance out there. The Dye DSR marker is packed with some top end performance at a great price. Read here and see what makes the DSR on of the best paintball markers out there.
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Learn about the Freak XL Barrel System

The original Freak system quickly grew into the most widely used and highly respected interchangeable bore barrel kits ever made. The new Freak XL builds on that legacy, combining user feedback with extensive research to deliver the next evolutionary step in the Freak system.
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FREE Alpha pods with Assault Harness

Who doesn’t like the word FREE? Now until November 8th you can get 7 Free Dye Alpha pods with the purchase of one of the best paintball harness out there the Dye Assault 3+4!
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Breakaway Paintball Big Game 2017

It's that time again for the Breakaway Paintball Border Wars big game! Open to all players come so come out and defend your side - Illinois or Wisconsin. This is the seventh year and the score is all tied up three to three. Who will break this tie and come out on top?
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Win a $50 Paintball Gift Card

Win A $50 Gift Card

Giving your feed back on products could get you FREE money! Just submit your reviews on products you have used and you will be entered to win a $50 gift card to our website. We are doing this every month. Read more here and see how to enter.
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GI Sportz LVL Loader

GI Sportz LVL Loader

Level the playing field with the GI Sportz LVL hopper system. The lastest top of the line loader is available in many colors to choose from.
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Valken VSL Switch Paintball Hopper

The new trend in paintball loaders is to keep it simple. The Valken VSL Switch does simply that with only one locking tab to lift the top shell up - now you’re in the loader to change batteries or to clean it. Read more to see why you need to make the Switch to the VSL!
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Empire Halo Too F7 Hopper

With a cost that is less than half the price of some top paintball loaders, the Empire Halo Too is the best performing paintball loader for the money. The Halo Too paintball loader is a great choice for players wanting a great electronic loader without spending too much.
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